10 Mobile Apps for the Busy Marketer (Part 1)

iphone61—That’s the number of mobile apps on my iPhone! Anytime someone steals a glance at my phone, I always get the inevitable, “You have so many apps!” Good thing they haven’t seen my iPad!

Narrowing down my most useful apps to 10 is a hard task! As a busy hotel marketer, social media strategist, and content creator/manager, there are a few apps that I find very handy. The first few (listed below) are ones I turn to for quick, easy content creation:  Oceana_n

  1. Pic Stitch
    This app can be used to create quick memes. Pic Stitch can be used to add text quickly to a picture. It can also be used to make a collage of up to six pictures. You can adjust colors, crop and add fun effects. This is a fun and creative way to showcase a new product in a variety of aspects.
  1. Vine
    Vine is the latest app to create short six-second videos. It seems that you would not be able to display much in six seconds, but many companies are doing it well.  Oreo’s Vine shows how to make your own Oreo sprinkles. Because Vine can combine multiple video clips with the touch of a finger, this app is perfect for stitching together many different ideas.
  1. Instagramoreos
    I use Instagram when I am in a hurry and I want to add a picture and edit quickly. It takes about 15 seconds to take a picture, add a cool effect and upload straight to a social media platform. It is also useful to search for hashtags around your product. Oreo’s Instagram page has 94,487 followers and there are 634,651 pictures found under the Oreo hashtag.
  1. Qrafter
    This app is mainly used for scanning QR codes, but it also has a pro version with a QR code maker. The pro version is only $2.99, and you can create and export QR codes in a matter of seconds.

Check out my next two posts if you want to see apps I use for work-related tasks.

Thanks for reading!

 Elizabeth Muckensturm – Social Media Coordinator

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