EVG’s Eric Ingrand’s latest white paper offers insight into the value of having a multicultural focus for your content.

Multicultural Content Marketing Whitepaper from EnVeritasGroup



White paper Manufacturing Content Marketing



In an industry that relies heavily on word-of-mouth, social engagement and content creation help manufacturers stand apart from the noise, gain a global advantage over competitors, and drive revenue.




Winning the Zero Moment of Truth


EVG is dedicated to ensuring clients win the Zero Moment of Truth. Jim Lecinski’s book clearly and succinctly defines how digital technology has changed marketing. With permission, EVG is pleased to share this pivotal book.





Content Strategy Whitepaper



Content Strategy: A Blueprint for Success offers a compelling case for carefully considering all parts of a strategy before hiring a content marketing firm.




Hospitality Whitepaper


Top 30 Content Marketing Tips for the Hospitality Industry draws on EVG’s decade of experience in this industry to suggest effective ways to market hotels.





Content magazine


Global, Meet Local in the Spring 2012 issue of Content magazine takes an in depth look at why EVG believes localized content is crucial for connecting with consumers.